LIFE 5.0: one hour pilot.

Life 5.0 follows four friends as they negotiate the inevitable mid-life changes that come with the BIG 5-0. Children, partners and elderly parents drive them nuts. Careers and relationships bloom – or die. Influenced by feminist and women’s empowerment movements of the 1970’s & 80’s and today’s #MeToo, these women face the unfortunate reality that women, no matter how accomplished, must negotiate the unspoken sin of being female and aging in America — especially in a youth obsessed city like Los Angeles.


New York, 1908. Recently widowed Willamina Galloway and her younger sister, Jacomina Rackham, a passionate Suffragette, along with their chosen family, Georgine and Tempeste Moreau, find themselves accidental detectives in a city fraught with inequities and miscarriages of justice. Mysteries that bear an unusual likeness to tales from the Brother’s Grimm.

KIDS TODAY: half hour pilot.

Aliviyah (Liv) Brooks is a typical college student slowly suffocating under a growing mountain of debt. When an opportunity to live with free room and board comes her way, she jumps at the chance. Question is: is it the salvation she’s been waiting for – or just a different kind of hell?

ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN: short screenplay based on the short story: On Earth as it is in Heaven

On a vast prairie on the outskirts of a Californian gold rush town, a sodden drunk wakes up to find himself alone with a badly beaten and bloodied young girl. Struggling to remember what happened between them, he confronts his deep self loathing, memories of violence and, perhaps most difficult of all, a rare opportunity for grace.

WHAT WE LEFT BEHIND: feature screenplay based on the short story: What We Left Behind

Katherine Wagner fought hard to get away from her family and a past that held her down. After a violent wildfire rips through her hometown, potentially revealing a dangerous family secret, she is forced to return and face down not only the demons of the past – but one very much in the present. One who has every intention of revealing her secrets to the world.